Baker Hughes Rig Count App

Need a quick way to get an accurate view of active Oil, Gas, or Thermal drilling rigs on your mobile device? Well we’ve have some good news!

Baker Hughes, one of the top oilfield service companies in the world, has put together a pretty slick Rig Count app for Apple’s iOS mobile platform. (It isn’t yet available for Android but I imagine it is coming soon).


The active rig data is a big part of the economic indicators in our petroleum and energy sectors. A stable rig count in very general terms can show that the petroleum industry is fairly healthy, while a dropping rig count can indicate some sort of market turmoil occurring or about to take place. Of course the inverse is true as well, a quickly increasing number of drilling rigs can help to highlight a spike in prices as well as herald a new boom in the energy sectors.

In many ways it goes well beyond just the price of petroleum and natural gas, in fact Baker Hughes explains it succinctly on their website…

Rig Counts are an important business barometer for the drilling industry and its suppliers. The active rig count acts as a leading indicator of demand for products used in drilling, completing, producing and processing hydrocarbons” – Baker Hughes Website

Take a second to truly picture the amount of economic activity that goes into petroleum production, not just on producer side, but on the support side as well…engineering, manufacturing, construction, transportation, trade, consumer goods, along with almost every part of the global economy.

rig-app-overview rig-app-regional-custom rig-app-map rig-app-map-close-up

The Baker Hughes Rig Count App does exactly says it will, namely give you the Active Drilling Rig Count for the U.S., Canada, and international territories.

At first opening the app you will see the full U.S. Rig Count, the number of changes (+/-) that have occurred since the last data update (usually done on the last business day of each week), and the rolling count comparing the current number of rigs vs the number that were active at that time last year. At the default setting the app will also show the same data for Canada and International areas.

You can customize the App’s homepage by selecting more specific regions like U.S. States or in some cases particular oil production basins. This will add your section to the homepage and will even include some more specific data, like the type of rigs operating in the region (oil, gas, thermal), the type of drilling tech they are using (horizontal, vertical, directional), and the depth of the drills (less-than-10K, 10K-15K, greater-than-15K).

Using the Map tab will give you the full google-map interface with a layer of drilling rig data. You can easily zoom in and out to get a smaller scale view of your region of interest with easy to follow interactive icons. Simply tap the rig you want and it pulls up a quick list of information including: What they are drilling for, the trajectory of the drill, the depth, the basin they are operating in, the state, the county, whether it is a land or water based rig, and what sort of the well type it is (development or established).

Like we said it covers a lot of bases…particularly if you are looking for a smooth, interactive interface that will let you quickly reference data and locations of the current active rigs.

Make sure to download the app from the App Store