scag-econ-update-coverAn economic update for L.A. County has been published, including updates on growing industries and occupations, providing an objective look at the jobs created since the Great Recession.  The report identifies the importance of fostering job growth in our region’s export-oriented industries where we have regional competitive advantage, such as aerospace, entertainment and digital media, bioscience, advanced teransportation and others.  The report also notes our current trajectory, which includes a high percentage of job growth in low-paying occupations, which is a stark reminder of the importance of focused economic development to create better paying jobs that are critical to raising standards of living for L.A .County.

The report is part of a group of reports published by Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), and SCAG generously commissioned the report as part of it’s Seventh Annual Southern California Economic Summit, which took place on Dec 1st, 2016.

Read the Report HERE. 

Read media coverage HERE.

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