HAIC, Education, Scholarship & Philanthropy Committee Co-Chairs Presenting


HAIC, Education, Scholarship & Philanthropy Committee Co-Chairs presenting ITEP Executive Director, Amy Grat, with a $1,500 check to help fund the ITEP’s Global Environmental Science Academy (GESA), Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP). Some 70 students and chaperones in the GESA program visit Catalina for a few days to study the plant and animal life of the kelp ecosystem, and learn about its connections to the terrestrial ecosystems, and the important role that the ocean plays in the biosphere. Focus is centered on each student’s role within these systems and the impact of human beings on our environment. Emphasis is placed on the responsible use of limited resources and the development of goals for future sustainable living. During this program the fundamental principles of life are taught, which apply to both nature and humanity while infusing opportunities for social emotional, and academic growth.