Petroleum Industry Strategy and Analysis

DEWright has over 47 years of experience in a variety of areas related to the petroleum business.  Areas of experience include major project development, project engineering, economic analysis, development of public and governmental outreach programs, taking midstream companies public, mergers and acquisitions of midstream assets and business and corporate development.  DEWright’s background and experience includes a wide range of geographical areas covering most of the United States and the oil and gas regions of Canada.   In addition to past and current activities in the petroleum industry DEWright continue to remain highly active in a number of general business organizations related directly and indirectly to the petroleum and energy business in general.

DEWright, Inc. provides a variety of petroleum industry services including review and analysis of proposed acquisitions, mergers, strategic projects and other development projects related to a variety of functional areas including midstream projects, supply and distribution of crude oil, products and LPGs.  Services also include optimization of supply and distribution systems for existing production areas, refineries and product distribution systems.  Analysis includes strategic evaluation, market analysis, long and short term evaluations, political regulatory feasibility and overall economic feasibility of acquisitions and major project developments.


Corporate and Business Development

In addition to many years of corporate and business development related to the petroleum industry, DEWright remains active in a variety of other business areas including real estate investment, equipment leasing, environmental equipment development, environmental cleanup services and consulting work for a number of other industries including aerospace, chemical and petrochemical.

Corporate development activities include evaluation of startup and new businesses for continued development and expansion to and including development of potential exit strategies.


Community and Government Outreach

DEWright, Inc. remains engaged in a variety of community and governmental outreach programs on a local, regional and state wide basis.   DEWright, Inc. continues to maintain memberships in many important business organizations that include national, regional, state and local organizations.  Through these organizations and their respective subcommittees, councils, etc. a number of trending issues are monitored including federal state and local legislation and agency rulemaking.  Other key issues include: energy legislation and regulations from EPA, FERC, USCG, CARB, AQMD, State Lands, California Energy Commission, and various developments at a county and local level around Los Angele and Long Beach.

Personal relationships are maintained with various key federal, state and local legislators.   Activities and issues of various interest groups area are also followed including The Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Clean Air Coalition, Santa Monica Baykeeper and other key environmental organizations.


Project Development and Management

Project Development activities include the general project review and development of strategic project objectives and realistic project schedules.  Project review compasses physical and intangible project issues to insure effective and timely project completion.   Project review addresses technical as well as regulatory and political considerations.

Project Management encompasses general oversight of specific projects or individual project objectives.  Project Management involvement ranges from overall management of a variety of managers individual disciplines to specific management of individuals and other contracted individuals or other consultants.

Types of projects range from the development smaller petroleum industry projects such as new build or expansion of pipelines, petroleum terminals, LPG plants and other commercial operations to larger undertakings such as the mergers and or/acquisitions of specific entities.